Anita Boles, MPA
Senior Associate

Served as the executive director of the Global Alliance for Arts & Health for seven years until 2013

The Global Alliance, an international membership organization, represented 2,000 programs and individuals working to advance the arts in health. During her tenure, Anita initiated strategies to better define the organization’s role in the growing field and expand resources and programs, such as educational forums and online tools. In 2009, she helped the Global Alliance launch a professional journal, Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice (Taylor & Francis), and initiate partnership forums in Rwanda, Israel and the United Kingdom, growing the organization’s global profile. Under Anita’s guidance, the Global Alliance also issued a State of the Field Report (2009) and launched a unique pilot program to build the capacity of regional arts in health networks to reach underserved populations. In 2011, she founded the National Initiative for Arts & Health in the Military—a collaboration of government, military and civilian organizations working together to garner support for arts programs in Veteran’s hospitals and military medical centers. Since leaving the Global Alliance, she has consulted on arts in health projects in the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom, was a founding director of the Combat Veterans Shakespeare Company, and helped launch the 1st DC Arts & Health Forum with George Washington University. Also a visual artist, she is passionate about approaching health and healing creatively by bringing the arts to people at key moments of their lives.