Bahareh Amidi, PhD, MSc
Poetry Therapist

A poetry therapist who believes words and voice can be instrumental in the healing process

Dr Amidi holds a Masters Degree in Family, Marriage and Child Counseling Psychology from College of Notre Dame and a PhD from Catholic University in Educational Psychology. She completed her Certification in Poetry Therapy at the California based Institute for Poetic Medicine. Dr. Amidi has shared the tremendous potential of Poetry Therapy on the prestigious TEDx platform with people from all over the world. She grew up in the USA and is currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dr. Amidi has spent many years in the USA and the Middle East working with youth, ladies in safe houses, victims of human trafficking and men in labor camps. She regularly holds poetry sessions, workshops and seminars for poetic expression and healing in the community and at universities and schools.

She has also worked in the Silicon Valley with groups of high tech professionals in international companies. The common factor is always a piece of paper, a pen and a way into the heart. The results are often a drop of tear, a flash of insight, a smile and a self-sustained journey on the path of healing.

Based in Tehran for the past 18 months, she’s been focusing her time on children’s hospitals predominantly cancer patients.  She has also been working with medical staff who encounter tough conditions and working under immense pressure.

Dr. Amidi’s mission is to offer “poetry therapy in a capsule” and make it accessible and available to people of all ages and backgrounds worldwide.